Expired Rabies Tag from Tom Garner Kennels Engraved with Tom Garner's Signature


Q: What to do with expired rabies tags from past dogs on Bulldog Hill?
A: Engrave my signature on them and make them available to folks looking for a memento from Tom Garner Kennels. Would be a real "dog tag" for a necklace, cool on a key chain or an interesting keepsake. Numbers are limited. I will make them available for what I paid for the shots. My vet comes out to my yard and charges me $15 per dog. I cannot tell you which tag belonged to which dogs. Just be confident that most are from darned good dogs! 95% of these tags are silver in color. Add $5 for shipping and handling. Total is $20.
****Let me be absolutely clear! I am not selling anything that can be represented as a current rabies shot! These are expired tags and have no value as regards representing current rabies status!****
Thank You! Tom Garner
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